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Texas Deer Season Is Right Around The Corner

Here’s everything you need to get ready for Texas deer season.

It’s September, about the time when we wonder where the year has gone and start planning for the quickly-approaching holidays.

For many Texans though, there’s only one late-year event that gets them as excited as a kid counting the days till Christmas – the beginning of deer season.

We totally get it, and to help out we threw together some advice as well as some resources from around the Web and Wide Open Spaces.

We hope this will get you a little more prepared for the big day and ultimately be able to give yourself your own antlered present this year in Texas.

Deer season is expensive enough without a hefty fine from the game warden, so make sure all your licenses are in order. Double check your have all your paperwork in order by visiting the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s hunting license information page.

Next, you’ll need to plan where to go. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a nice chunk of private land or a deer lease, you’ll need to hunt on public land. Luckily, the state has you covered here too, with a guide to how to access all the TWPD properties.

Now the fun part: putting together all your gear and deciding what else you need (or want). Check out our list of deer hunting gear you never knew existed, and our review of the best hunting stands out there and our list of scent control products.


Maintaining your weapon is crucial to success. If you’re bowhunting, learn how to hone your release, or if you’re going with a rifle, how to zero your sight, because you may only get one shot, and you’ll want it to count.

You’ll want to spend time at the range while you still can to zero your scope for the range you plan to hunt and to perfect your shooting. But as any hunter knows, all the practice and preparation you can be ultimately fruitless without that lucky opportunity.

These hunting superstitions may not help your chances, but they can’t hurt them either.

Good luck and happy shooting! With these tips and some good fortune, you’re sure to have a fridge full of venison by year’s end. This is where hunters really reap the benefits of deer season long after its over. Check out our illustrated deer meat guide to pick out the tastiest cut, whip up one of these awesome venison tenderloin recipes, then go to town.

What else do you think is needed to be ready for deer season? Let us know in the comments!

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Texas Deer Season Is Right Around The Corner