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Texas Deer Breeders Speaking Out Against CWD Concerns [VIDEO]

chronic wasting disease

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a ticking time bomb, and deer farmers in Texas don’t give a rip.

With CWD, a deer can be infected and show no symptoms for year because there is no way to test for it on a live deer. These facts, combined with the interstate trafficking of deer from farm to farm, are a recipe for disaster.

Caused by prion, a rogue protein, and spread by contact with infected deer, CWD can even infect the soil and remain potent for decades. It’s essentially ebola for deer.

Deer farming is big business, for “hunters,” but it isn’t hunting at all. It is shooting livestock in a pen, and even the breeders admit that their animals are livestock. They’ve been genetically selected to grow antlers so large that the bucks would not be able to survive in the wild.

However, that’s not even the issue at hand. The real concern is deer farmers buying, selling, and swapping deer across county and state lines regularly. Deer that could be infected with CWD, and nobody would know it. At least until the bomb goes off, and all of a sudden, 80 percent of your herd tests positive. If these farms are so highly regulated, then how does one farm reach an 80 percent infection rate before realizing it?

Then, once CWD is in your area, all it does is spread. You can’t stop it.

So nevermind the destruction of the North American Wildlife Conservation Model. What’s truly at stake here is our WILD deer, that we ALL hunt.

As long as (true, actual) hunters pursue them, deer will never be livestock because once they become livestock, we all lose.

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Texas Deer Breeders Speaking Out Against CWD Concerns [VIDEO]