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Texas Confirms 13 More Cases of CWD in Captive Herd

Travis Smola

Texas has confirmed 13 more cases of CWD. 

Texas has confirmed 13 new cases of chronic wasting disease or CWD were confirmed Wednesday less than a month after new regulations regarding the disease were approved.

The new cases were discovered in pen-raised deer in Medina County. Although the discovery is in the same county CWD was originally discovered, My Statesman reports this is a different deer breeding facility than the one the disease was detected in last year.

Officials will now work with the owner of this new captive-bred operation to discover the extent of the disease after 13 of 33 tests came back positive. This latest discovery comes right on the heels of Texas approving new rules designed to make for tighter regulations on Texas deer breeders.

The new rules call for more testing and limited movements of captive-bred deer across the state.

Robert Patterson's ranch was where the disease was first confirmed last year. The discovery resulted in Texas wildlife officials culling hundreds of deer bred at his ranch at a cost of millions of dollars to Patterson.

"They pretty much bankrupted our ranch," Patterson told My Statesman. The latest discovery brings the total number of confirmed CWD cases in Texas to 25.


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Texas Confirms 13 More Cases of CWD in Captive Herd