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In Texas, When You Buy a Car You Get a Gun [VIDEO]

you buy a car, you get a gun
Andrews Dodge

One dealership in West Texas is trying out a new promotion this month to support 2nd Amendment rights; you buy a car, you get a gun.

Many times we have to put off purchasing a new gun because of other financial responsibilities; pay the rent, put food on the table, buy a new air conditioner . . . you get the point.

But now there is one thing we can mark off that list; buying a car.

In order to support the 2nd Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms, The Benny Boyd Auto Family will be giving you your choice of one of three firearms when you purchase a new car with them this month.

If you live anywhere near Andrews, Texas and are looking for a new vehicle, this looks like the time to do it. You get your choice of a Diamondback AR-15, a Ruger American .243 rifle, or a Smith & Wesson Shield .9MM handgun, after you have picked out your new ride.

Of course, you do have to pass all the background checks, they don't just have a barrel of guns in the back of the showroom. And for those who don't want to choose one of these weapons, you can take a $500 gift certificate to nearby Gebo's Farm and Ranch Supplies.

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In Texas, When You Buy a Car You Get a Gun [VIDEO]