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Texas Bowhunting Fantastically Captured with a GoPro [VIDEO]

A great perspective: Texas bowhunting with the added angle provided by a GoPro.

Casey Morris posted this video of his bowhunting shot, which coincidentally was his personal best to date. Morris posted a camera to his deer feeder as he waited for the right moment for the perfect shot.

The buck gave Morris that perfect shot, standing right in front of where he was posted up. Watch what happened.

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At first the deer was spooked by some cows and Morris thought for sure his hunt for the buck was over, but he came right back half an hour later and stood in the most ideal position.

Not only did the deer stand in line for the perfect arrow shot, but his body was placed in the perfect spot for the GoPro.

From Morris' view we can see the arrow actually hit the buck, and from the GoPro, we get an amazing perspective on the buck's reaction to being hit and running off.

Technology sure does make everything more interesting, especially when it is able to so perfectly capture something as awesome as this.

Do you film your hunts? Let us know what equipment you use in the comments below.

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Texas Bowhunting Fantastically Captured with a GoPro [VIDEO]