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Texas Bass Fishing Wish List

With a huge array of inland lakes and freshwater nature reserves throughout the state – many of them filled with sizable bass – Texas is often considered a bass fisherman’s paradise. Liven up that paradise this holiday season with a gift that will make it that much easier to pluck a mythical 10-pound bass from the waters of the Fork Lake Reservoir.

Rapala Touch Screen Scale ($31.99): For the competitive bass angler, knowing how much every fish caught weighs is of pivotal importance. Since each pound and each ounce can make the difference between a win and a loss, a scale like this one is a good thing for the championship bass angler in your life to have. With a hook for measuring the weight of a fish and eight storage slots or “bins” that retain the weight calculations of previous catches, the Rapala Touch Screen Scale is the perfect tool for calculating weight total in or out of competition.

tx-rapalaPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops Bucket Seat ($7.29): Sitting on a bucket all day sucks. It may be convenient for a bass angler with limited space on their fishing boat – or too much stuff to carry to their shore spot – but that fact doesn’t make the bucket any more comfortable. This simple padded seat, on the other hand, does make the bucket more comfortable. Designed to clip onto the top of a 5 gallon fishing bucket, this seat adds comfort and convenient to any angler’s life. The handle, which makes for easy seat removal and transportation, doesn’t hurt.

tx-bucketseatPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Buck Splizzors Multi Tool ($79.99): As the price might indicate, this all-in-one outdoor tool is extremely durable. Backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty, the Buck Splizzors, which combine pliers, scissors, a bottle opener, and a crimping tool all into one convenient and beautifully made package, are perfect for everything from braid cutting to hook removal. Trust us when we say that the Texas bass angler in your life will use this tool for years to come.

tx-splizzorsPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye Tandem Spinnerbaits ($4.39 each): New lures and baits are great gift ideas if you are strapped for cash or are buying gifts in bulk for a large group of fishing-minded people. The Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye Tandem Spinnerbait is a particularly attractive choice for anglers hitting the Texas waters in search for bass. With reflective 3D “lazer” eyes, gold hooks, nickel-plated blades, and 40-strand silicone skirts, these baits look as beautiful to a fisherman’s eye as they look edible to a fish’s.

tx-spinnerPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops XPS Signature Series Flurocarbon: While you are shopping Bass Pro Shops for baits, why not pick up a pack of something that virtually any bass angler could always use: flurocarbon. If you are shopping for one person, the regular $19.99 200-yard package will fit the bill; if you are looking for a gift for an entire fishing family to team, then the “economy spool” – which includes 1000 yards for $77.99 – is a terrific value.

tx-flurocarbonPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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Texas Bass Fishing Wish List