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This Texas Bass is About to Break This Angler’s Pole

Like most things in Texas, the bass are big, and these guys are after a monster.

These two accomplished anglers are after some big Texas bass, but they’ve never been to this spot before.

Watch as they feel out this new body of water and nearly break a rod in the process.

Most anglers know that if you’re going to try a new spot, you’ve got to try all kinds of methods until something works. Luckily, these guys had strikes right off the bat, and so they kept using what was working.

After working the cove full of weeds for a while, these guys headed out to the dam and the strikes kept coming.

Did you pick up the tip from these guys as they were in the weeds? The knew to trip up the bait and make it more compact so it would hit the water through the vegetation.

Although these guys did have the best of luck, they still had fun. Keep in mind these parting words, “You can’t slay ’em everyday.”


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This Texas Bass is About to Break This Angler’s Pole