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Texas Angler Shows Off His Massive Largemouth Bass

largemouth bass
Facebook/Aaron Gaston

Prepare to be a little bit envious of this angler and the massive largemouth bass he reeled in.

The largemouth bass in this video is the size of fish that nearly every bass angler dreams about catching. The angler in the video is one of the lucky ones who did more than dream and actually managed to land the giant lunker shown off in the video.

There wasn't much information on how or where this largemouth bass was caught in the post description, but a little sleuthing in the comments section turned up some more information. The fish weighed in at 10 pounds, 4 ounces and measured 26.5 inches in length. The angler in the video caught the largemouth bass somewhere in the Colorado River.

It is also clear from both the video and the comments section that the huge largemouth bass in the video was safely released back into the water which is great news to other anglers that target bass in the Colorado River. And for those wondering what type of kayak is in the background of the video, it is a Lure 11.5 from FeelFree Kayaks.


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Texas Angler Shows Off His Massive Largemouth Bass