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Huge Warsaw Grouper Caught in Louisiana’s Coastal Waters

An offshore angler recently caught an enormous Warsaw Grouper in Louisiana’s coastal waters.

On Saturday, Houston resident Cullen Greer took a huge 297-pound Warsaw Grouper near an offshore rig roughly 35 miles off the coast of Louisiana, reported KETK. The monster fish could be third largest Warsaw Grouper ever caught in Lousiana’s offshore waters.

Image via KETK/Cullen Greer

Greer caught the beastly fish on a hand crank using live bait. He spent nearly 30 minutes reeling in the 6-foot, 6-inch monster, which had a six-foot girth.

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The Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association will review the catch to determine if it’s an official record.

The Louisiana state record for Warsaw Grouper stands at 359.1 pounds and was caught in 2008.

Warsaw grouper, also known as black grouper, are deep water fish that live in the Gulf of Mexico, Western Atlantic and Pacific off the coast of California and Mexico’s California Peninsula.

What’s the biggest fish that you’ve caught while offshore fishing? 

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Huge Warsaw Grouper Caught in Louisiana’s Coastal Waters