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Texas Alligator Removal is a Family Affair [VIDEO]

Watch as this father-daughter duo take alligator removal into their trusted hands.

Smart folks know feeding an alligator is silly: it causes the large reptiles to learn that humans are a source of food, which can unfortunately lead to bad circumstances. You know, like attacks.

Thankfully for a Texas town near Houston, “Gator Chris” Stephens and his daughter Taylor, 13, are here to help. Here’s a report of a recent removal in Missouri City from

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“Gator on, baby!”

Just so you know, gator tastes pretty great if you know how to prepare it. Try this Alligator Picadillo recipe the next time you get your hands on some gator meat.

Don’t forget, feeding alligators (or any wildlife) is just plain dumb. Then again, it keeps characters like “Gator Chris” busy, and more of him is a good thing.

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Texas Alligator Removal is a Family Affair [VIDEO]