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Texas Aims for Tax-Free Gun Weekend

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A proposed bill in the Lone Star State will give Texans a tax-free gun weekend if it passes.

The tax-free gun weekend bill, HB206, which was written by Republican State Rep. Jeff Leach, would grant a tax-free gun weekend on the last weekend of August.

The tax-free gun weekend would be the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the month of August every year, which is when an already very popular tax-free holiday weekend occurs that allows Texans to purchase clothes and school supplies tax-free.

The addition of the tax-free gun weekend could really boost August sales for retailers in the state of Texas.

The tax-free gun weekend would include no tax on the sale of guns, ammo, gun cleaning supplies and hunting gear. Should the bill pass, Texas would join Louisiana and Mississippi as the only states with a tax-free gun weekend.

With the Texas Legislature now having a Republican majority, there is a good chance that this bill, and a few other gun-related bills, could pass quickly. The move could also make hunting and shooting easier and more accessible to every Texan.

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Texas Aims for Tax-Free Gun Weekend