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Testing Out the Shuriken Broadhead

Check out Carbon Express’s Shuriken broadhead get put to the test.

In the constantly evolving sport of archery, manufacturers push the limits every year. As they continuously search for the next big breakthrough, buyers have access to an array of new products. One product that pushes traditional barriers is the Shuriken Broadhead, the newest broadhead from Carbon Express.

Watch YouTuber Twang n’ Bang give a brief video review of the new Shuriken Broadhead.

After reviewing the video, two things become quickly apparent.

For starters the six blade design can do some serious damage. With so many cutting edges, and the H cutting design, the Shuriken Broadhead should create some excellent bloodtrails. Realizing the plastic bottle does not realistically replace soft tissue, it does demonstrate the basic idea of the Shuriken. Watching that tomato juice pour out will mesmerize any archer.

The second thing that became apparent was the accuracy of the broadhead. The host of Twang n’ Bang does make a solid point the accuracy will be different out of different bows. However, at 12 yards you’d like to see a touch more accuracy than this. Watching other videos of the host leads me to believe the inaccuracy at this range was not due to his shooting ability.

Another thing to consider when analyzing the Shuriken broadhead is the research of Dr. Ed Ashby. Dr. Ashby has conducted more research than possibly any other individual on arrow penetration. His research grew out of a passion for hunting big game animals with a bow, and his loathing of lost animals. Though the results of Dr. Ashby’s study are extensive, one of his findings focused on broadheads.

Dr. Ashby concluded a two blade broadhead of a specific design would lead to maximum penetration. With that in mind, with so many edges, the Shuriken would not appear on his list of top penetrating broadheads.

Every archer is looking for something different when it comes to broadheads. Some are looking for the most accuracy. Some are looking for maximum penetration. Others are looking for cutting surface.

Like anything the Shuriken broadhead has some pros and cons. It might not pass the test for everybody out there, but somebody looking for saturated bloodtrails might find it appealing.



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Testing Out the Shuriken Broadhead