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Testing the ProTracker Game Recovery System [VIDEO]

Does the ProTracker Game Recovery System really work?

The ProTracker Game Recovery System uses a transmitter and receiver to help you quickly and accurately track your game. The transmitter attaches to the arrows you already use for hunting and come out and attach to the game at the moment of arrow impact.

You can then use the ProTracker Game Recovery System receiver to lead you directly to the animal. Check out this filmed demonstration on an actual hunt by Forest Carter.


As you can see in the video, the ProTracker Game Recovery System does seem to work. Instead of being forced to follow the blood trail, you have the option of using the trackers to locate the downed animal and head directly to its location.

Of course, there will be some hunters who say that using this new technology is cheating. I don't think I would say it is cheating, simply using resources that were not available in the past. Don't get me wrong, I still think that every hunter should be able to find a blood trail and track an animal, I just think that the ProTracker Game Recovery system is a great backup to ensure that the animal is recovered.

The guys at ProTracker say that their system will not change the way you shoot your bow at all. You will obviously have to retune the bow and then get some target practice in with the new setup. But then you will be ready to hit the woods with your new system and be confident that you will recover your harvest no matter what the conditions are.

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Testing the ProTracker Game Recovery System [VIDEO]