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How Well Do Rubber Riot Slugs Actually Shoot?

Have you ever seen rubber riot slugs shot before?

Well Taofledermaus decided to try out some rubber riot slugs for himself.

Watch this video and see just how well a rubber riot slug actually shoots.

How hard does a rubber riot slug fired from a shotgun actually hit? Well Taofledermaus loaded some up and tested them out on the gun range.

Ballistic Products Stabili-Shock Rubber Slugs should be loaded to 426 fps. per manufacturer’s specifications. Using adapted Federal Shotgun shells to fire this rubber slug, the velocity is closer to an incredible 1200 fps. from a shotgun. Impact is quite impressive

Just because it is a rubber riot slug, a hot loaded slug could indeed be lethal as this video proves.



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How Well Do Rubber Riot Slugs Actually Shoot?