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Testing a Homemade Off-Road Vehicle [VIDEO]

homemade off-road vehicle

In need of good transportation but can’t afford to buy? Build your own homemade off-road vehicle!

Rather than buying some second-hand off-road vehicle or shelling out the cash for something new, this man in Poland decided that he would just build his own.

Take a look at his demonstration video below and see what you think.


Looks like he is off to a pretty good start. It may not have the all of the fancy new features of some off-road vehicles, but it seems like with eight wheels, it will get the job done. Taking matters into our own hands and building something we need is something outdoorsmen are known for, and off-road vehicles are no exception.

The builder says that this is just the first test to see if the off-road vehicle works; I can’t wait to see what this thing looks like when he is finished.

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Testing a Homemade Off-Road Vehicle [VIDEO]