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Testing a Homemade Railgun

homemade railgun

Railguns are one of the most interesting weapons around, but I’m not sure everyone should build a homemade railgun.

Railguns harness the power of electricity to fire a projectile.

It’s something that, to many people, still seems like something out of a science fiction movie but once you see this homemade railgun in action you’ll see just how real a weapon like this can be.

This homemade railgun is operating with between 350 and 400 volts of power, and the whole setup weighs in at around 200 pounds. The gun itself is 50 pounds and all the batteries and charging equipment make up the other 150.

While it may not be a weapon that everyone will own and carry around, this explosive shot does show that these guns are quite capable weapons. If we can get the power issue solved it could soon become much more commonplace.


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Testing a Homemade Railgun