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What Happens When You Shoot 12-Gauge Exploding Arrows? [VIDEOS]

exploding arrows

This young archer creates and tests 12-gauge exploding arrows.

Modified ammunition has become very popular on the Internet lately. In this video, YouTube user Royal Nonesuch demonstrates some arrow attachments he created to snuggly hold 12 gauge shells.

The beginning of the video includes some trial and error, so if you want to cut straight to the action, go to the 5:00 mark. You'll see what 12-gauge exploding arrows are all about!

He stated there might be a 12-gauge exploding arrows sequel. Hopefully, he'll have everything down to a science and will maybe upgrade his bow to pack a bigger punch.

I was actually surprised by the damage the exploding arrows inflicted on the soda and fruit. With all of the experiments and innovation in the shooting world recently, it's an exciting time to be a shooting enthusiast.

If you create your own ammunition modification, practice safety and have fun!

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What Happens When You Shoot 12-Gauge Exploding Arrows? [VIDEOS]