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‘Testicle-Eating’ Piranha-Like Fish Invade Pond in Russian City

Pacu fish, close relatives of the piranha, have mysteriously invaded a pond in the Russian city of Kaliningrad.

The Moscow Times reports that Pacu fish, which are native to the Amazon in South America, are known to mistake human testicles for tree nuts, a staple of their diet.

Testicle-eating fish: one more reason to never swim in the Amazon.


A fisherman discovered a number of the flesh-eating fish in the pond last week. He caught a few and later turned them over to local marine biologists.

Nobody’s sure how the Pacu got into the pond. Their best guess is that an aquarium owner dumped them.

Now, local anglers are hunting the Pacu in hopes of ridding the pond of the nut-eating fish.

This isn’t the first time Pacu have turned up in fisheries where they don’t belong. In June, a teen angler caught a seven-pound Pacu in an Ohio reservoir. And last September, a 77-year-old fisherman caught a 10-incher from a pond in northern New Jersey.

People, please stop dumping your piranhas in popular fisheries and swimming ponds. Nobody wants to lose their nuts to a fish.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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‘Testicle-Eating’ Piranha-Like Fish Invade Pond in Russian City