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Test Firing a Homemade Liberator .45

homemade liberator .45
Image via Screenshot

The most exciting part of building a weapon is test firing it, and seeing this homemade liberator .45 being fired is no exception.

This homemade liberator .45 an awesome-looking single-shot pistol. It has a paintball gun lower, and the whole barrel lifts up to allow the next round to be loaded into the weapon. Take a look as Royal Nonesuch goes out to test his latest design.

While it definitely looks like it still needs some work before it becomes practicable to shoot, this homemade liberator .45 is absolutely showing off its potential. Even with no sights and an obstructed barrel, the gun was fairly accurate, and with its .45 auto round, it packs quite a punch. We’ll want to follow up on this gun later to see how it turns out.

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Test Firing a Homemade Liberator .45