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Let’s Reconsider Test Firing That 4 Gauge Shotgun [VIDEO]

What happens when you give a good old boy a custom 4 gauge shotgun?

When it comes to big guns, it doesn’t get much bigger than a 4 gauge shotgun before you have to bolt it down to fire, or so I thought. This video makes me wonder if anyone of sound, mind and body should attempt to stand and fire this gun.

I’d like to tell you more, but I’ll just let you watch for yourself.


That behemoth kicked so hard it almost knocked him over. I’m pretty sure he only stayed up due to the superhuman powers granted by his epic beard. If you look closely you can see him shake his head in doubt just before shouldering the weapon almost as if to say, “This is a bad idea.”

Bad idea or not, it sure looked fun. I would love to see what this beast would do to a watermelon.

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Let’s Reconsider Test Firing That 4 Gauge Shotgun [VIDEO]