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Terry Drury Throws Open Hunting Blind Door to Blast a Giant Buck

terry drury
Drury Outdoors

Sometimes, even the best hunting blinds don’t have windows in the right places.

The entire Drury team is having an absolutely stellar deer season this year. With monster bucks hitting the dirt which seems like every single week, there’s no doubt that they all put in some serious time in the woods this year.

Check out what happens to Terry when a buck doesn’t exactly “read the script” on where to walk.

Great shot and quick thinking Terry!

Not only a super video of a giant buck, but also a good reminder that nothing is out of the question in the deer woods and sometimes you have to get creative to make a shot. Regardless of who makes your blind, definitely be sure to practice throwing the door open if you ever need to make a quick shot.

Hunting Blind, redneck blinds
Redneck Blinds

One of my favorite blinds to use during deer season is by far the Buck Palace 360 blind from Redneck Blinds. What’s so great about it is the fact that it allows the hunter to shoot a bow out of it as well.  With vertical windows on each corner, this blind easily allows you to draw your bow and make a clean shot without having to worry about where the window is and if it will end up ruining your shot. Additionally, the team at Redneck added some convenient shelving, gun holders and marine grade carpet to keep noise down during your hunt. No doubt a 10/10 if you’re looking for a blind that does it all.


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Terry Drury Throws Open Hunting Blind Door to Blast a Giant Buck