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Terry Drury Reflects After “Legends of the Outdoors” Hall of Fame Induction

Newly rewarded as a “Legends of the Outdoors” Hall of Fame members, both Terry and Mark Drury have come a long way in their quest to share what they’ve learned about deer, hunting, and life.

The outdoors has a variety of awards, and the list seems to grow each year. Amongst the most recognizable is the Garry Mason “Legends of the Outdoors” Hall of Fame. It’s a reward for a career’s worth of fine work, which the Drury family undoubtedly has achieved.

When I spoke with Terry on the phone not long after the ceremony, I asked him to reflect on the path from beginning to the Hall of Fame.

“When we started in the outdoor industry back in the late ’80s, the furthest thing from your mind is either fame or fortune,” he said. “You just don’t think about anything. All you care about is the passion you have, and ours is pretty strong, and it still is to this day. We’ve always been very analytical, and always tried to figure out a new way to win the chess match, so to speak.”


Together with his brother, Terry has worked to develop a great collection of Outdoor Channel TV shows (Drury’s THIRTEEN; Bow Madness; Dream Season: The Journey), each of which has helped establish the family as genuine experts in their field. 

“To be inducted into the Hall of Fame was, number one, very very humbling. And number two, we’ve been so blessed and fortunate to have a tremendous support group in our family, and in our business partners, that we didn’t feel worthy. We were just truly humbled, it was a very humbling experience.”

Speaking with Terry, it’s clear he has an encyclopedia of information in the back of his brain, and he gets real joy out of sharing that with people, and helping bring them closer to the success they hope for. The respect he has for deer is incredible.

“Our Hall of Famer has always been the animal,” he said. “We don’t have jacked up trucks, we don’t have bushy beards, we don’t have face paint on. It’s never been about us, it’s always been about the animal. And they’ve always been the superstar in our productions.”

He said it’s become an old joke to now rely on his experience, because “We’re not very pretty, and we certainly aren’t funny. So we had to go down the path of information. That’s all we’ve got.”


He’s also got the attention of the greater hunting community, and says he doubts he and his brother will ever stop hunting.

“But it gets a little harder,” he admitted, “because we hunt literally four months, and we don’t miss many days. We’re really stuck in a tree for almost four months. It’s not uncommon to go 45, 50 days in a row. The hard part is finding a cameraman that has the mental stability to be able to endure it.”

“But with that being said, as you get older, it gets a little bit harder. Some of the hills feel like they’re a little steeper than they used to be,” said Drury. “Even climbing a tree, you know? You climb like a squirrel in September, but come January 1 you don’t climb it nearly as fast.”

If there’s one sticking point that many people pick up when watching the Drurys, it’s likely that they’re such a tight knit family that loves to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

Taylor and Matt, his son and niece, respectively, have gotten in front of the camera and done a great job of carrying on their family’s tradition. But Terry had some slightly cautious things to remind those who are eager to get kids into the outdoors.

“You want to make sure kids are in it for the right reasons,” he said. “I want to make sure they enjoy the sport, and make sure they’re taught correctly, firearm safety, treestand safety, and all the things that nobody likes to talk about, but are probably the most important items. And especially the ethics of taking an animal.”

His perspective and outlook, on not only hunting but life in general, makes it perfectly apparent that the Drurys are in many ways the First Family of Hunting.

Be sure to check out Drury’s THIRTEEN (Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET), Bow Madness (Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. ET), and Dream Season: The Journey (Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET)


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Terry Drury Reflects After “Legends of the Outdoors” Hall of Fame Induction