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Massive Great White Shark Filmed off Coast of NSW

great white shark

A group of fisherman targeting dolphinfish captured footage of a 16-foot-long, massive great white shark circling their boat on a recent fishing trip.

When you spend a lot of time on the ocean, whether it be fishing or any other recreational pursuit, you never quite know what you are going to see. The ocean is home to a ton of different wildlife and the great white shark is just another member of the diverse ocean ecosystem.

However, that doesn't mean that seeing one isn't an unnerving experience.

Just ask the dolphinfish anglers, fishing off the coast of New South Wales in Australia, who filmed the huge Great White shark you can see in the video below. The toothy predator circled their boat for a few minutes before making for other swimming grounds.

The unnerving part of this shark encounter was just how big it was. The anglers were in a boat measuring six meters in length and the shark was just about as big as the boat. That puts it somewhere around 15-16 feet in length.

Luckily for the anglers, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, the Great White shark was completely disinterested in them. The anglers even tossed out a line with mackerel as bait to try and lure the beast into biting, but it wouldn't be tempted.

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Massive Great White Shark Filmed off Coast of NSW