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Terrifying Flesh-Eating Bacteria Attack in Gulf of Mexico [VIDEO]

Mississippi Sportsman

A Mississippi angler has been infected by flesh-eating bacteria, resulting in the amputation of half his leg.

Gregory Bru, of Ocean Springs, Mississippi was infected with vibrio vulnificus, a flesh-eating bacteria, after a Gulf of Mexico fishing trip April 11. By April 13, surgeons had to amputate his left leg below the knee. Although Baru fished from a boat, the bacteria spread as water splashed in over the side. He began suffering symptoms within hours.

"He's been fighting a hard battle," Gregory Bru, Jr., told reporters. "I hope nobody else goes through this. It's a very dangerous bacteria. ... Seven days in the hospital, but he's still holding strong. It's definitely a terrible thing to see."

Each summer, numerous cases of vibrio vulnificus infections are reported in states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, including a fatality last year.

"We get infected with vibrio primarily through open skin wounds, cuts, inhaling the water, and eating raw oysters, but mostly through cuts," said Dr. Okechukwu Ekenna, an infectious disease specialist at Singing River Hospital.

Because symptoms begin within 24 hours, immediate treatment is vital, Ekenna explained.

What do you need to know about this dangerous flesh-eating bacteria? Watch the video to find out more:

Will the threat of this vicious bacteria keep you away from Gulf of Mexico waters?

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Terrifying Flesh-Eating Bacteria Attack in Gulf of Mexico [VIDEO]