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Terrifying Cape Buffalo Stampede Wrecks Car in Kruger Park

Terrifying Cape Buffalo Stampede Wrecks Car In Kruger Park

A tourist in South Africa's Kruger Park captured this terrifying video of a cape buffalo stampede smashing into and wrecking another car on the road.

These tourists were treated to the spectacle of a herd of buffalo crossing the road directly in front of them. Then, without warning, something spooks the herd and the cape buffalo stampede back across the road, crashing into a car that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Watch the video to see how cape buffalo stampede tossed that little car around like it was nothing.

Talk about a wild ride for the occupants of that car!

Known for their size, strength, and toughness, cape buffalo are also herd animals that travel in groups that can number in the hundreds. With this in mind, it's not surprising that the cape buffalo stampede nearly tipped the car over like that. In fact, the people in the car are probably lucky that it wasn't damaged more severely.

Lions are their primary predators and, for this reason, are the mortal enemies of buffalo. Most likely, the buffalo were spooked by the sight or smell of some lions, which sent them rushing back across the road in a panic.

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Terrifying Cape Buffalo Stampede Wrecks Car in Kruger Park