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Terrified Snorklers Have Great White Shark Encounter in Florida Keys

A great white shark encounter in the Florida Keys is a very rare thing. 

Year in and year out, great white sharks are not known to frequent the Florida Keys. Even though they have been spotted from time to time, overall it’s a rare thing. Well, tell that to this group of foreign exchange students who all shared this great white shark encounter while on a snorkeling trip off of Islamorada.

Capt Chris Muller of the Happycat, and First Mate Greg Schlosser, took this video of the 10 to 12 foot great white swimming in Alligator Reef, made famous for it’s great opportunity for snorkeling.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” Muller told the Miami Herald, “especially not in the Keys, and I’ve swam with a lot of sharks.”

According to the report, all the snorkelers had just gotten into the water when they noticed the big shark. Immediately, Muller was able to get them all out safely.

Don’t think this great white shark encounter stopped them though. As a matter of fact, they went right back in the water.

“They had a good time and weren’t afraid to go back in the water,” Muller said. “The shark didn’t follow us. He stayed on the deeper, southern end of the reef.”

Yeah. No. I’ve seen Jaws enough times to know when it’s best not to roll the dice.



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Terrified Snorklers Have Great White Shark Encounter in Florida Keys