All Terrain Wheelchair Makes Hunting Accessible

The Mississippi Valley Hunters and Fisherman's Association recently acquired a wheelchair that resembles a cross between a tank, an ATV and a mobile deer stand.

In conjunction with a local VFW Post, the MVHFA acquired an all terrain wheelchair to further it's mission of providing hunting opportunities for disabled veterans. However, the President of the Association Glenn Sanders has said that wounded warriors will not be the only beneficiaries of this rugged wheelchair. The club has already been contacted by local disabled sportsman wishing to get out in the field. Sanders also said,

We're not going to turn anyone away. We've had hunters in wheelchairs go with us before. We were able to get them into the woods ... but not able to get them to the best hunting spots. Now we can do that and give them the experience they deserve.

Daily Mail

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Mike Miller stopped by a local sporting goods store to purchase ammo when he saw this wheelchair on display in the isle.

"I'm lucky I don't need anything like this" he said, "but if I did I would thank whoever invented this, this is first-class. This will make a disabled hunter's dreams come true. They won't ever be told they can't go where they want again."

The MVHFA is already helping wounded warriors. The club hosted several wounded warriors in preparation for and shotgun season. Although none of the Armed Forces veterans on this hunt needed the all-terrain wheelchair, there will be opportunities to put it to use in the future.

Located in Quincy, Illinois the MVHFA has over 400 members from Illinois, Missouri and Iowa. For more information, or to join you can contact the Mississippi Valley Hunters and Fishermans Association.

Kudus to the MVHFA for acquiring this innovative mobility device that will change the lives of disabled sportsman.

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