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Your Next Dream Vehicle: The Terra Wind Amphibious RV [VIDEO]

Serious Wheels

Forget houseboats and party barges, we want a Terra Wind. 

If you happen to see some maniac driving his super nice RV into the lake, there’s a good chance it says Terra Wind on the front. If so, there’s no cause for panic. That maniac’s high-end luxury RV is designed to travel with ease in lakes at speeds of up to 7 knots (It can’t handle the ocean – not yet.) The interior is ridiculously nice and loaded with cool stuff. But, our favorite feature is the six-foot swim deck that’s perfect for fishing and demonstrating cannonball skills.

Serious Wheels

This video will show you everything the Terra Wind can do. If you like cheezy muzak soundtracks, well, you my friend are in for a treat.

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Interior features include marble flooring and shower, granite countertops, all major appliances, an 8-jet whirlpool tub, plasma TVs and leather seating.

Customers can pick custom floor plans. This one is a touch of class. CAMI
Monogramed towels not included. CAMI
If you’re the skip, you’ll have a lot of buttons to push. Just don’t eject the swimdeck in Times Square.  CAMI

All this fun and awesomeness comes at a hefty price.  The Terra Wind starts at $850,000, with high-end packages costing around $1.2 million. Consider it another dream vehicle to add to your massive dream garage.

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Your Next Dream Vehicle: The Terra Wind Amphibious RV [VIDEO]