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Terminally Ill Minnesota Angler Has Ice Fishing Wish Fulfilled

An ice fishing wish list may seem a little trivial, until the importance of the situation is fully understood.

When a person is battling cancer, it consumes their life. Between doctor’s appointments and treatment sessions, there is little time left for anything else. Suddenly, passions and hobbies take a back seat and hospitals become a normal setting.

For Tom and John Ashton, two brothers from Minnesota who have both faced cancer, that meant that their beloved ice fishing trips became few and far between, according to KARE 11 News, the Minnesota NBC affiliate.

Three years ago, Tom, the elder brother, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Later that same year, John was diagnosed with the same cancer. John is now in remission, but it was discovered that his brother’s cancer had spread to his brain. It isn’t known how much time Tom has left, but one thing was very clear: He wanted to leave the hospital and chemo sessions behind and get out on the ice with his brother again.

That is where the non-profit organization, MyBucketList, comes in. Based in Minnesota, this organization works to help terminally ill adults check items off of their bucket lists. An anonymous donor soon stepped forward and offered a weekend of fishing on Gull Lake in Nisswa, Minnesota complete with a guide.

Why did John, a man who is not known for asking others for help, reach out to MyBucketList?

“Cause I love my brother. What other reason?” John said.

This trip gave the brothers a chance to make memories while there is still time and focus on something other than chemotherapy sessions, even if it was for just a short while.

“It’s just a break where we can think about that fish on this little screen,” John said.

Check out this video from KARE 11 on the story:

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Terminally Ill Minnesota Angler Has Ice Fishing Wish Fulfilled