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Outdoor Term of the Week: Skinny Water

You learn something new every day. In this situation, you’ll learn a new term every week. This week, we’ll cover “skinny water.”

There is always something new to be learned about the shooting, hunting, fishing world. Welcome to our new, once a week learning sessions that will focus on a different, less common outdoor term and help add to your sportsman vocabulary.

Today we are going to learn about the term “skinny water” in fishing.

Skinny water is, essentially, exactly what it sounds like. It is a thin amount of shallow water, up to five feet. This term is most often used with saltwater fishermen and when fishing catfish.

Catfish are often caught in inches of water, sometimes to small it seems like you can literally just pick it up. But of course, to be a fisherman, you must fish it.

Skinny water brings an entire new element to fishing. You must be stealthy since the fish can see and hear you better with just a layer of water separating you. The smallest noises or disturbances can spook the fish.

To fish in skinny water, and catch a monster catfish, you need a boat that is made for shallow water, or you’ll have to resort to anchoring your boat and putting your waders on.

Now cast your bait a little ahead of the fish, you’ll definitely see the fish, and then drag it in front of its face. Some call it the “drag and drop.”

Shallow water, skinny water or shadow water can make for some really good, skillful fishing. It can produce some big fish, including redfish, catfish trout, snapper and sharks and make a master fisherman out of you!

Get out and fish some skinny water!

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Outdoor Term of the Week: Skinny Water