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Outdoor Term of the Week: Musth [VIDEO]

Sometimes you stumble upon words or terms used in the outdoor world that just leave you scratching your head. The term we will be learning about today is: musth. 

When the animals are acting crazy, there is a very good chance they are in musth. This is similar to the rut, where male animals are essentially frenzied because they are trying to mate. While the term “rut” is used for deer, and “in heat” is generally used for domestic animals, “musth” is most commonly used to describe elephants or camels who are trying to procreate.

This makes the animals very aggressive, due to their high levels of testosterone, which can get up to 60 times their normal amounts. Luckily this natural phenomenon doesn’t occur in human males, or does it?


Elephants in musth are highly unpredictable and this frenzied state is usually the cause for them to wreak havoc.

Now if your buddy is acting like a jerk, you can ask if he is in musth.

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Outdoor Term of the Week: Musth [VIDEO]