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Outdoor Term of the Week: Kisser Button

Ready to learn something new? If you aren't an archer, "kisser" may have a different meaning for you. 

The term of the week this week is "kisser button." If you aren't a bowhunter, a "kisser" may be your Great Aunt Sally. But it is actually a key part on a bow. You learn something new every day.

Everyone probably knows how a bow works; there is a string attached to the end of either a straight bow, recurve bow or a compound bow. The difference between the bows is how the string is pulled back. The amount of energy in the string depends on the shape of the bow.

Now, the kisser button in archery is a tied-on plastic "button" that the archer's lips go around when the string is pulled back. The kisser button helps the archer have a straighter shot. The kisser button should be used in the place of a peep sight.

The kisser is an anchor point for the archer and can be very soft or hard, depending on the manufacturer. It also is simply an addition to one's bow, so some feel like it is a crutch while others feel more confident in their aim with an anchor point. An anchor point is usually either a peep sight or a kisser button.

If you need a kisser button for your bow you can get a great one from Cabela's.

Pine Ridge Archery XL Kisser Buttons

So for all you non-archers out there, now you know what your archery pal is talking about when they talk about kissers. They most likely aren't talking about their lady friends.

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Outdoor Term of the Week: Kisser Button