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Tent Camping is Off Limits in This Alaska Campground Due to Bears


A campground in Hope, Alaska has banned tent camping indefinitely after bears tore open an unoccupied tent to get the food that was inside.

After tearing through the first tent, the bears damaged another and were also seen "poking around motor homes (and) other vehicles."

The bears are believed to be a sow and four cubs that were relocated from Anchorage after raiding unsecured trash cans in the Government Hill neighborhood.

Besides destroying the campers' tents, the bears are suspected of raiding a chicken coop and killing some of the chickens at a residence near the campground.

Ken Marsh of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said that "people need to shore things up as far as not leaving food in tents, keeping trash secured, that sort of thing -- keeping your electric fence plugged in if you have poultry."

So far, there are no plans to further relocate or kill the bears. The ban on tent camping remains in effect, but camping in vehicles, RVs, and campers is still allowed. Officials are urging campers to be more responsible with their food and trash to avoid further problems with the bears.

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Tent Camping is Off Limits in This Alaska Campground Due to Bears