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Tennessee Wildlife Officers Remove Bucket from Deer's Head

This whitetail deer in Tennessee was sporting some unique headgear. Thanks to the work of wildlife officers, it is now one white bucket lighter.

An unlucky Tennessee doe had the misfortune of getting a plastic chicken feed bucket stuck over it's head. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) first learned of the predicament in early December, but residents in the Choto area of Knox Co. informed them the deer had been seen with the bucket for several weeks prior.

After several unsuccessful attempts to tranquilize the doe over numerous visits to the area, TWRA Wildlife Officers Andy Collins and Clint Smith, along with Wildlife Biologist Sterling Daniels, were finally able to immobilize the deer on the morning of January 27.

The bucket likely became trapped when the deer attempted to feed from grain inside. With the bucket's metal handle secure around the deer's neck, the likelihood of it coming free without assistance was slim.

The doe was unharmed and released back into the wild. Another top notch job by our wildlife officers!

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Tennessee Wildlife Officers Remove Bucket from Deer's Head