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Tennessee Man Sees Cougar on Trail Cam, to the Surprise of Everyone

tennessee cougar
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A possible cougar sighting in east Tennessee has many folks surprised and confused!

The cougar (mountain lion) has a reputation for being a fierce apex predator. While you may find concentrations of cougars in many areas of North America, it's very unusual to see one in Tennessee. At least, it is nowadays: cougars were native to Tennessee up until the early 1900s.

Thanks to a strategically placed trail camera, rural Tennessean Scott Thorpe captured pictures of what he believes to be a cougar on his property. Thorpe is certain it's responsible for killing two of his horses.

Check out the video to see what he saw:

Why would a lone cougar suddenly show up in this area? For starters, Union county is fairly remote. That means room for the cougar to roam. The cat's previous habitat may have been infringed upon, causing it to seek secluded territory.

As for the relationship between man and beast, the consensus is clear: live and let live.

"I don't want to kill the cat, but I also don't want it taking my livestock or hurting me or my family," says Thorpe.

Depending on where you live, a cougar sighting could very well end up being an unwelcome surprise. What would you do if you found a cougar on your property?

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Tennessee Man Sees Cougar on Trail Cam, to the Surprise of Everyone