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Tennessee Deer Season Closes With Over 160,000 Harvests

The Tennessee deer season closed at sundown on Sunday and over 160,000 deer have been harvested. 

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the Tennessee deer season total harvest is estimated to be around 160,000.

The Tennessee deer season officially ended on Sunday and early reports from the TWRA show 162,058 deer were harvested by hunters.

The gun, muzzleloader, and archery seasons have been in effect since Nov. 22 in the Volunteer State. The archery season began on Sept. 27.

TWRA will not have an official number on the total harvest of the Tennessee deer season until the Young Sportsman Hunt is over. This hunt will take place next week for hunters ages 6-16 and their harvests will be included in the final count.

Daryl Ratajczak, wildlife chief for the TWRA, told reporters in December, he estimates the Tennessee deer season of 2014-2015 will have similar results to the past two seasons.
In the 2013-2014 season hunters harvested 168,507 deer, and the season prior had 176,600 harvests.

The Tennessee deer season had great success across the entire state. The following is a list of the counties with the most harvests: Giles 5,146; Maury 3,910; Fayette 4,687; Montgomery 3,499; Henry 4,364; Franklin 3,252; Lincoln 4,184; Carroll 3,214; Hardeman 4,116; Weakley 3,118.

More on the Young Sportsman Hunt here.

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Tennessee Deer Season Closes With Over 160,000 Harvests