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Tennessee Cougar Confirmed in Rare Video Sighting

Check out this rare footage of a Tennessee cougar, confirmed from this video. 

It seems as though more and more sightings of cougars are frequently appearing in the Eastern United States. Check out this Tennessee cougar footage by this Cougar Action Team.

There are many people out there who still believe that cougars, also known as panthers, mountain lions or pumas, don't exist except in the Western United States. However, it is hard to argue with this trail cam footage taken by Austin Burton on his family farm in Nov. 2015.

There have been several sightings since September in Tennessee including the counties of Obion, Carroll and most recently Humphreys where this video was taken of the cougar sniffing a branch where deer scent had been sprayed.

cougar trail cam

Cougars are protected by the Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission and the agency says this footage doesn't indicate more than one cougar in the area. It just means one has been sighted, and that it could just be the same cougar seen multiple times.

Do not be surprised if cougars continue to migrate to the Eastern United States. Not only will they be a new game for eastern hunters, but they will also be a means of herd control for deer.

However, with such a dominant predator introduced into this region of the country it could have major implications for the need of predator control.


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Tennessee Cougar Confirmed in Rare Video Sighting