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Tennessee Announces New Official State Rifle

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The Barrett .50 caliber rifle will be the official rifle of the Volunteer State.

Tennessee just announced that the Barrett .50 caliber rifle will be their official state rifle. And why not as it was a son of Tennessee, Ronnie Barrett, that developed and manufactured this firearm which has seen extensive use on battlefields across the world.

The State Senate overwhelmingly voted yes to recognize the Barrett, with just one vote against adopting it, making it official this last February thanks to the introduction of the resolution by Rep. Micah Van Huss, a former Marine Corps sniper.

TheM82/M107  Barrett .50 cal rifle continues in production at Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Co. in Christiana, Tennessee, close to Murfreesboro. The Barrett was first fielded by U.S. forces, starting in the 1980s, and was a particular favorite of elite special operations units.

It was recognized as a game-changer that moved sniper doctrine from just anti-personnel to also anti-material. This rifle is so powerful it allows military snipers to not only eliminate enemy soldiers, insurgents and terrorists, but also can be used to destroy lightly armoured vehicles and infrastructure.

Tennessee has become the seventh state to declare a firearm as an official state symbol.


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Tennessee Announces New Official State Rifle