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TenKarpa: Tenkara for Carp is the Next Big Thing [VIDEO]

Tenkara fishing is already starting to evolve... 

Tenkara is one of those ancient-then-perceived-as-new fishing concepts that has been sweeping the United States by storm over the last couple years. At first it was met as a fad, but companies like Tenkara USA have brought it into the mainstream.

You see, this style is simply a fly, a line, and a rod. No reel is required.

So how in the world can they use one of these rods to catch a carp?

This definitely looks like something I can get behind. The morning ritual in this video is something that I feel might become a new staple for me as well.

No matter how you feel about carp fishing, chasing a fish through the water sounds like a ton of fun, no matter who you are, and no matter what kind of fish it is.

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TenKarpa: Tenkara for Carp is the Next Big Thing [VIDEO]