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This Tenkara Spoof Will Have You Reeling


This Tenkara spoof from the Tenkara Collective YouTube channel will have you reeling.

Tenkara fishing is a growing industry of purist anglers that target fish without the use of a reel in alignment with primitive fishing methods, to become more connected with the fish and less reliant upon the equipment used in catching them.

The practice has gained such popularity that it has even been highlighted in The New York Times. Originating in Japan, this method of fishing was popular due to the prevalence and availability of bamboo. Long bamboo rods allowed anglers to reach different areas of the stream with the angle of the bamboo, making drifts that are easy to turn over and begin again from the top, without having to use a reel to cast the same distance.

Essentially, Tenkara is a fancy word for fishing with a cane pole. This parody video explains "The Truth About Tenkara."

With a recent resurgence in the popularity of this fishing tactic, new products, rods, and flies have been developed to assist anglers with their Tenkara obsessions.

It does seem fun, a blast from the past of sitting on docks with a red and white bobber waiting for a bite. However, grown men, standing in a stream, passionately targeting fish with modernized, expensive graphite versions of cane poles. It does seem a little odd. There's room for parody, and the Tenkara Fishing Collective began making spoof videos in light of the unorthodox modern fishing methods.

You can subscribe to The Tenkara Fishing Collective YouTube channel for more Tenkara spoof videos, or like their Facebook page, where there are sure to be a number of Tenkara related memes and parodies.


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This Tenkara Spoof Will Have You Reeling