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10 Of The Biggest Catches Of All Time

Every angler has had their own epic battle with a fish. Think yours was hard? Think again. We’ve compiled 10 of the biggest catches of all time.

1. Biggest Yellowfin Tuna:


Photo via Outdoor Life

Just last fall, angler Guy Yocum managed to reel in a behemoth yellowfin tuna off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. The weight? 427 pounds. We’re not quite sure how that’s even possible, nor are we certain of how Yocum’s rod and hook managed to withstand the battle with the massive monster, but rest assured that this catch is a ringing endorsement for whatever equipment Yocum was using.

2. Biggest Salmon:


Photo via ec.buzzfed

If you’ve fished for salmon before, you know that the average size for this type of fish is somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds. Try telling that to the California-based team of biologists who found an 80-pound specimen during a fall survey a few years ago.

3. Biggest Striped Bass:


Photo via Outdoor Life

Few prizes of salt water fishing are as buzzed about as the striped bass, where a world record catch can be worth huge amounts in prize money and overall accolades. In 2011, New York fisherman Grey Myerson reeled in the biggest striped bass of all time, just shy of 82 pounds.

4. Biggest Marlin:


Photo via ec.buzzfed

Fishermen often have different standards of what constitutes a big fish, depending on where they are from and what they typically fish for, but it would be difficult for nearly anyone to imagine catching something like the world-record marlin, a 17-foot, 1,656 pound rock star caught in Hawaii back in 1984.

5. Biggest Largemouth Bass:


Photo via Total ProSports

North American fishermen love to chase the big bass, but half of this record belongs to the Japanese. 22 pounds and 4 ounces is the number, and it’s shared between Manabu Kurita – who fished his winner out of the waters near Kyoto in 2009 – and George Perry, who caught his back in 1932 in Jacksonville, Georgia.

6. Biggest Blue Catfish:


Photo via Outdoor Life

Nick Anderson bested the previous blue catfish world record by a whopping 13 pounds on a Father’s Day fishing trip in 2011. The Anderson family, who reside in Buggs Island, Virginia, took their 143 pound cat home for a well-deserved celebration.

7. Biggest Swordfish:


Photo via Total ProSports

Catching a swordfish has got to be an intimidating experience under any circumstances, especially when the fish is just shy of 180 inches in length and weighs in at 1,182 pounds. That was the case with Chile’s Lou Marron in 1953. The fisherman battled the massive warrior for an exhausting two hours.

8. Biggest Atlantic Bluefin Tuna:


Photo via Total ProSports

Fisherman Ken Fraser has built his life around this catch, which notched him a near-1,500-pound Atlantic bluefin tuna off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1979.

9. Biggest Tarpon:


Photo via Outdoor Life

Tarpon fish are notoriously difficult to catch, a fact that probably made angler Max Domecq feel pretty good about himself when he landed a 286-pound one in Africa back in 2003. No one else has even come close to the record since.

10. Biggest White Shark:


Photo via Sport Fishing Mag

How would you react if the fish you were reeling in was 1) a full-sized shark, and 2) a 2,664 pound giant that would go down as the biggest fish ever caught, period? It’s hard to say, but chances are that Alfred Dean, the Australian angler who bagged the fish back in 1959, was just glad that his relationship with the shark didn’t go the other way.

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10 Of The Biggest Catches Of All Time