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Temple Fork Outfitters, the Best Rods You May Not Know About

Temple Fork Outfitters

Temple Fork Outfitters is the best value for a fishing rod…anywhere. 

Recently, I have been on a fly rod search. I have several different sizes and brands and do have my favorites that always seem to find their way into my hands during peak fishing times, but for 2016, I’ve been looking for something new.

Luckily, I stumbled upon Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO).

TFO has actually been around for a long time. I’ve seen their rods here and there but never really gave them a whole lot of thought. It wasn’t until I saw Dave Maynard, one of the creators of ReelFinatics, talking about them on #FishChat some random Tuesday night on Twitter, that I actually took them a little more seriously. Let me tell you, I’m glad I did.

It turns out TFO is a cooperative of a bunch of legends of fishing. Gary Loomis (yes, that Loomis) has been working with TFO for a while developing some of the best rods in the industry since he sold his original company back in 1997.

Since then, a lot more names have joined TFO as advisory staff. When you pick up a rod and feel it for yourself, you are holding years of fishing experience, not marketing gimmicks, in every rod.

Flip Pallot
Flip Pallot

More than likely, you are just like how I was when I first started looking behind the curtain of TFO. So who are these advisors? Well, hold on to your seat, because here they are in no particular order.

  • Lefty Kreh
  • Gary Loomis
  • Flip Pallot
  • Bob Clouser
  • Nick Curcione
  • Ed Jaworowski
  • Larry Dahlberg
  • Bob Popovics
  • Blane Chocklett
  • Jim Teeny
  • Gary Taylor
  • Wanda Taylor

If that’s not the top of the game when it comes to fly fishing and traditional fishing, then I don’t know what is. When I found out the above fishing icons have hand-developed every rod in the lineup, I immediately started looking for reviews.

I pretty much got what I expected. Everywhere you look, it’s a five star review.

Lefty Kreh
Lefty Kreh

A more expensive fly rod from another manufacturer will not cast any better!!! This is an Amazing fly rod. This unit casts as good as any $850-$1150 fly rod and it is a bargain, TFO really did thier homework on this fly rod series…” – Rick56, Bass Pro Shops

“I have 2 of these rods. I have looked and tried out more expensive rods, but keep coming back. I have not found one better for the price and performs better than many much more expensive.” – dclouse, Cabelas.

Trust me, just about every review is the exact same anywhere you look. Still, you don’t even know the best part. All TFO rods have a no questioned asked lifetime unconditional warranty.

How in the world can you beat that?


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Temple Fork Outfitters, the Best Rods You May Not Know About