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Teenager Discovers IRA Machine Guns with His Metal Detector [PICS]

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A 16-year-old teenager discovers machine guns that potentially belonged to the IRA while treasure hunting.

James Cork is a typical teenage treasure hunter. He loves to search for hidden treasures with a metal detector. He’s been treasure hunting for a little over six months now and it has become a favorite hobby. Recently, he came across a treasure of a lifetime – a massive stash of deadly machine guns at the bottom of a lake.

James is only 16, but he found over 40 machine guns while he was doing his favorite pastime. Turns out treasure hunting can be quite exhilarating.

The whole and parts of guns were Nazi MG 42 light machine guns and one Czech SA23 9mm submachine gun. The guns are thought to be a part of an IRA dumping ground due to the size of the barrels. Former SAS sergeant Andy McNab, an expert on the case, said, “This must be a terrorist bundle. That’s because there are weapons for various ranges — from close assassination ones to the Browning that could take out a helicopter or Land Rover.”

James returned most of the guns back to where he found them, but kept a 1930s Smith&Wesson as a souvenir.

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Police later returned to where James had left the weapons and are currently destroying what is left of them. The weapons could not have been used because they were mostly parts and were very rusty, but the police want to be safe.

James’ mother was less than pleased. She has specifically requested that nothing illegal enter her home, but she never expected this kind of discovery by her son.

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Teenager Discovers IRA Machine Guns with His Metal Detector [PICS]