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Spearfisherman Filmed His Own Shark Attack Accidentally

Video captured this reef shark lunging and attacking a teenager as he spearfished in Australia.

A normal day of spear-fishing with his friends turned for the worst in a hurry for 19 year old Brad Vale off Coral Bay in Australia. After watching the shark for awhile the shark began to circle and Vale gave the shark a quick poke to try and shoo it away. Irritated, the shark swings around and like a speeding bullet heads straight for the young man's gut.

If shark and ocean waters already scare you, you might not want to watch this video. As many would agree, fishing from a boat looks like a lot safer option than this and this young man should consider himself lucky.

Luckily, the teenager was able to escape with only a punctured wet suit and no major injuries. But he does have an amazing video to share with people and he joins that select club of people who can say they survived a shark attack.

I'll stick to watching these critters from afar on Shark Week and leave the spear fishing to these guys.


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Spearfisherman Filmed His Own Shark Attack Accidentally