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Teen Taking Driving Test Hits and Kills Deer, Passes Anyway

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And you thought you had a tough driving test as a teen!

Anyone who has ever taken a driving test in their teens knows how it can be a stressful experience. Many have a good story or two about a driving test gone horribly wrong, but 17-year-old Tom Lo has one that may top them all.

Lo, who was taking his test in Essex, England, hit and killed a deer, but still passed because of how well he handled the situation!

The teen’s test had come to a relatively empty road near Flingringhoe when the deer made a sudden and unexpected appearance in the roadway. Since they were going about 40 mph at the time, there was no way to avoid a collision with what he believed was a muntjac, or barking deer.

Fortunately for Lo, these deer are fairly small and with exception to the deer, which died in the incident, damage was minimal. Apparently, Lo had paid close attention to the parts of driving class that talked about emergency situations.

“We teach them the emergency stop as part of the curriculum that we cover but it is very rarely that they have to put it into practice,” his instructor Robert Jezierski told

After stopping for a quick check of the car and finding only a cracked license plate, Jezierski allowed the test to continue. “He has kept his composure and he did very well,” Jezierski said.

Not that the incident didn’t take Lo by surprise of course. “It was something I was not expecting so I was a bit shaken up, but luckily I wasn’t too shaken up to continue,” Lo said.

Lo feels fortunate to have passed. Openings for driving tests are apparently hard to come by right now. Had he failed, he would have had to wait until June for the next opening.

One thing is for sure, no one can accuse Lo of having an easy driving test!


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Teen Taking Driving Test Hits and Kills Deer, Passes Anyway