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Teen Suffers Severe Facial Wounds in South Africa Hyena Attack

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The boy describes sound of hyena chewing his face as being similar to chips being crushed. 

South Africa's Kruger National Park is one of the wildest places on earth and that fact was proven further during a hyena attack this past Sunday.

The Times Live reports the 15-year-old boy was camping with his parents within the park when a hyena entered a camping area and attacked him while he was sleeping at around 4:30 a.m.

"He was immediately rushed to the Medi Clinci in Nelspruit after receiving first aid service by a nurse who was also in the camp," South African National Parks acting head of communications William Mabasa told the Times Live.

The boy was later identified as Erco Janse van Rensburg and News 24 reports the hyena actually dragged the boy by his face. The injuries were so severe, they forced doctors to perform major reconstructive surgery. It was no doubt a painful experience as News 24 reports doctors could not totally sedate the boy because of worries of his blood pressure dropping too far.

But perhaps the most blood-curdling detail of the attack came from the boy's grandfather Basie Smalberger. He told reporters that once Janse van Rensburg was able to speak again, he described the sound of the hyena chewing on his face as similar to "chips breaking in a packet."

The hyena responsible for the attack apparently remains at large after fleeing the scene. "The rangers came to the camp to look for the hyena but could not find her," Mabasa told the Times Live. "They however found a hole under the parameter fence where the animal could have came in. SANParks sincerely regrets the incident and sympathize with the family."


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Teen Suffers Severe Facial Wounds in South Africa Hyena Attack