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Teen Lucks Out With $20K Monster Buck

An Ohio teenager shot a 30-point monster buck that escaped from a high-fence deer farm and was worth close to $20,000.

When the monster buck escaped from Stillwater Trophy Outfitters onto adjacent land, 17-year-old Alex Wright capitalized on the opportunity.

“I knew it was one of the deer that escaped from the pen, but I figured that wasn’t my fault. I hunted [it] like I would have any other deer,” Wright claimed. He caught a picture of the deer on a trail camera where he hunts, and set up to find the monster buck. And find it he did.

After Wright made a heart shot on the deer, which only ran about 30 yards, the buck was estimated to score between 200 and 260 on the Boone and Crockett scale. Had the lucky teenager shot the buck within the Stillwater Trophy Outfitters high fence, the buck would have cost him upwards of $19,900, which is the beginning price for any deer scoring above 200.


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Naturally, Wright admitted to feeling pretty emotional after the hunt, having harvested only a couple does and a basket rack 6-point buck before.

“I’m not that old,” he said, “but I’ve been waiting on a day like that for years…but then it seemed like it would never happen.”

The teen intends to mount the monster buck and leave the tag in its ear indicating its origin from Stillwater Trophy Outfitters. Stillwater has not commented on the kill.

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Teen Lucks Out With $20K Monster Buck