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Teen Drops Bull Elk with a Well-Placed Shot

A well-placed shot on the hunt of a lifetime.

This bowhunter got the rush of a lifetime at an early age. At only 13, Clayton Coyle took an elk that many of us would dream of even getting close to, and he did it with the ease and grace of a sportsman four times his age.

After you watch this, we have a feeling you'll remember this hunt for quite a while.

Straight heart shot. Couldn't have been cleaner. You can tell by the amount of blood that immediately pours out that he severed the animal's aorta, thus any blood that the heart pumped went right through that wound. It's also possible he got a lung or two, judging by how quickly the elk dropped.

There is a small, soft spot at the base of the neck of an elk that is a perfect spot to take this kind of close range shot. The heart, lungs, and the main arteries of the animal are all in line with the spot.

We wouldn't recommend taking this shot at anything over 20 yards, but at 10 yards, it's a great shot if the game has stopped moving.

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Teen Drops Bull Elk with a Well-Placed Shot