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Teen Catches the Biggest Flathead Catfish Florida Has Ever Seen

Image via News Press

When you see this fish, there's no doubt this will be one of the biggest flathead catfish caught this year.

The biggest flathead catfish in Florida history has been caught by a 13-year-old boy out of the Chattahoochee River in northern Florida. After a bluegill catching session started to slow down, a rigged up bluegill was tossed out into the fray and low and behold, a behemoth catfish was there waiting on it.

Charles Patchen was fishing with his step-father and mother, Jeanette and Bryan Atwell, when the big fish hit. After tossing out a rigged up bluegill after an intense bluegill catching session had slowed, Patchen assumed he was snagged. Atwell then gave a few tugs of the rod only to feel it tug back. From there, it was all Patchen left to bring the big fish in.

"I grabbed the pole from him, gave it a couple tugs and the fish took off," said Atwell in an interview. "I handed the pole back to Charles and said, 'GET 'EM!'"

To top this story off, Patchen brought in the biggest flathead catfish in Florida history on a Zebco 33 and 14-pound line. After a nearly two hour battle, the fish wore out and it came into the boat.

"I was so tired after reeling it in that I fell back into the boat to rest," Patchen said. "But I'm glad my mom made me go fishing that day because now I am the catfish master!"

Awesome fish Mr. Patchen. Hopefully this record stands for a long time to come!


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Teen Catches the Biggest Flathead Catfish Florida Has Ever Seen