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Teen Catches Piranha-Like Fish in Ohio Reservoir [VIDEO]

The young angler caught the toothy fish in a northern Ohio reservoir last wednesday.

Angler Coleman Browning was surprised to say the least when he reeled in a Pacu – a cousin of the piranha – while fishing on the Shelby Reservoir No. 3, according to the Mansfield News Journal.

Browning could tell it was an unusual fish from the moment it bit the hook. He said it hooked like a catfish and fought like a bass.

“It kept hitting my rod and it stripped the bait away,” Browning said. “I rebaited my hook and threw it right where I was getting the hits. It was fighting me hard.”

Browning estimated his unusual catch weighed 7 pounds and measured 15 inches long with a 6.5-inch girth.

Pacu are small fish with razor-sharp teeth that are indigenous to South America.

“Somebody probably just dumped an aquarium fish out there,” Ohio Division of Wildlife Fisheries Management Supervisor Mike Wilkerson Mike Wilkerson said. “People get tired of raising them and dump them into a lake.”

Apparently, this isn’t the first time the piranha-like fish has been caught in Ohio. Wilkerson said his office receives a few reports of Pacu catches every year.

As for Browning, he now has a one-of-a-kind fishing story and the pictures to prove it.

“You can’t top catching that,” said Browning. “That’s your day, right there.”

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Teen Catches Piranha-Like Fish in Ohio Reservoir [VIDEO]